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Scientific Sessions

Sponsor one of the highly popular Scientific Sessions that take place throughout the event and feature six sessions run concurrently during each time slot. This sponsorship includes logo on signage as well as recognition in the SLAS2022 Event Scheduler, SLAS Virtual Event Platform, SLAS.org, 2022 sponsor page, and Mobile App as well as the opportunity to place a chair drop in the sponsored session. The sponsor must provide one (1) item for chair drop to SLAS in advance of the sponsored session.

All scientific sessions will be presented live at SLAS2022 and then available (within 24 hours) on-demand within the SLAS2022 virtual event platform for all full access registrants.

Scientific Sessions at SLAS2022 are organized into nine educational tracks. View the tracks, session titles, course descriptions, and names of track chairs and session chairs on the Learn page of SLAS.org/2022. <link>

Educational Tracks [+]

Advances in Bioanalytics and Biomarkers

Planned sessions include:

  • Label-Free High-Throughput Bioanalytical Technologies
  • Label-Free Bioanalytical Technologies: Emerging Fields of Application
  • Multi-Omic Biomarker Approaches for Target-Disease Link
  • Target Discovery and Mechanism Deconvolution in Drug Discovery

Assay Development and Screening

Planned sessions include:

  • Advanced Imaging and High Content Assays
  • Applications of CRISPR Technology in Drug Discovery
  • Biochemical & Biophysical Assays
  • DNA-Encoded Libraries
  • In vitro Immunological Assays
  • Chemical Biology Applications in Drug Discovery
  • Physiologically Relevant Cell Models for Target Discovery and Screening
  • Multi-Omic Approaches in Drug Discovery

Automation Technologies

Planned sessions include:

  • Screening & Profiling at Higher Throughput Using Physiologically Relevant Cell Models
  • Technologies to Bridge the Gap Between High-Content and High-Throughput
  • Automating Screening Processes
  • Automating Chemistry in the Age of AI
  • Integrated and Iterative Automated Processes to Enable Hit Discovery for the Future
  • Microtiter Plates and Beyond: High-Throughput Miniaturization While Maintaining Physiological Relevance
  • Novel Automation Solutions: Products, Devices and Software Used to Support Experimental and Data Workflows
  • Scaling Diagnostic Processes to Address a Global Pandemic

Cellular Technologies

 Planned sessions include:

  • Physiologically Relevant Cellular Models in Drug Development
  • Cellular Advancements Using Organoid and Organ-on-a-Chip Technology
  • Disease-Relevant Cellular Models for Drug Discovery
  • Development and Safety of Cellular Therapeutics

Data Science and AI

Planned sessions include:

  • Lab Design for the Future
  • Building the Lab of the Future
  • Sustainability for the Future
  • Integrating AI into the Lab of the Future

Micro- and Nano Technologies

Planned sessions include:

  • High-Throughput Multi-Omics Assays
  • Automated Solutions for In-Situ Sequencing
  • Automated Synthetic Tissues, Organs and Systems
  • Liquid Biopsies

New Modalities

 Planned sessions include:

  • PROTACS and Beyond
  • Transcending Undruggable Targets via New Pathway Modulation
  • Molecular Glues
  • Nucleic Acid-Targeted Drug Discovery
  • Peptides and Small Proteins
  • Advances in Antibody–Drug Conjugates
  • E3 Ligases
  • Nucleic Acid Therapeutics


Planned sessions include:

  • Omics in Cancer
  • Omics in Personal Health and Wellness
  • Singe Cell and Spatial Omics Technologies
  • Omics in Drug Discovery and Therapy

Precision Medicine and Diagnostics

 Planned sessions include:

  • Translatable Patient-Derived Models
  • Engineered Cells for Precision Medicine
  • Applied Omics for Precision Medicine
  • Next-Generation Diagnostic Modalities

 Sponsor support does not include the opportunity to address the audience within the session or have any input on the content presented. Session content is determined at the sole discretion of the SLAS2022 Program Committee.

Scientific Session Sponsorship

To reserve your Scientific Sessions sponsorship or for more information please contact:

Sales Manager, Global Events and Strategic Programs
+1.630.256.7527 x113

Exhibits & Sponsorship Coordinator
+1.630.256.7527 x112