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Special Interest Groups

Sponsor an SLAS Special Interest Group (SIG) that will meet during the event.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo recognition in SIG meeting room
  • Logo recognition in the SLAS2022 Event Scheduler, SLAS.org/2022 sponsor page, SLAS2022 Virtual Event Platform, and Mobile App

SIG Meeting Availability:

SIG meeting schedule is determined 45-60 days prior to the live event and is at the discretion of the individual SIG chairs and the event organizers. The sponsor has no influence over the SIG schedule.

Sponsor support does not include the opportunity to address the SIG audience within the SIG or have any input on the content presented by the SIG unless invited to do so by the SIG chair or moderator. SIG content is determined at the sole discretion of the SIG Chair and SLAS.

Potential SIG group meetings:

  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Academic Drug Discovery
  • Automation Quality Control
  • Compound Combination Screening
  • HCS/HCA Data and Informatics 
  • Molecular Biology and Protein Science Standards
  • Phenotypic Drug Discovery
  • Sample Management
  • Screen Design and Assay Technology
  • Standards Initiatives
  • Stem Cells and 3D Microtissues
  • Technology Transfer and CRO/CMO Project Management
  • WomXn of SLAS
Special Interest Groups

To reserve your Special Interest Groups sponsorship or for more information please contact:

Sales Manager, Global Events and Strategic Programs
+1.630.256.7527 x113

Exhibits & Sponsorship Coordinator
+1.630.256.7527 x112